Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tick Bites And Essential Oils

Summer is just upon us and many of us enjoy being outdoors. But, everyone needs to be diligent in protecting ourselves, and family from being lunch for "ticks". Our furry friends are not the only ones that need protection. It is important when, after coming in from outside to inspect yourself for ticks. 

Tick bites carry Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Fever, tick bites can go unnoticed, so it is important to protect yourself as they can hide easily without detection. During the summer and spring be vigilant. There are essential oils that can  be worn to protect yourself when outdoors.

If you aren't fond of those sprays for protection why not try these essential oils.
Cedar or citrus scent essential oils can be applied to the skin and act as a protective disinfectant, since our sweat gives off a scent to the tick these oils will mask it.

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Insomnia is no fun and it is actually bad for your health. I wrote a post about it and some remedies to try. All natural with no chemicals added.

Headaches-The Body's Warning Signal

Yes, when you get frequent headaches, it is the body's way to warn you. I wrote an article describing the warning signs and symptoms of headaches. If you are one to get frequent headaches or know someone then you should read this article.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chemistry, love, relationships And More

I write and post on many topics, from health, love, relationships, diseases, and much more. Here is my link if you are interested in reading any of the numerous topics.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Using Laxatives For Weight Loss

Do you know of someone who uses laxatives to lose weight? It is true, you can lose weight this way, but it is not safe and the damage it does to your body is just not worth the risk.

I wrote a post about the slimming teas and laxatives and the symptoms of using them

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Detoxing Is Good For Your Health

We all need to detox and cleanse the toxins from our bodies. Your health will improve, and it also can help with your weight loss program and give you energy!

I just posted an article about the benefits on detoxing......

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Expanded Dog Food Recall

I just want  to alert again all animal lovers....Pedigree dog food has expanded the recall . I am attaching a link so that you can see what stores and states this new recall was shipped to.

It is still dry dog food, but now it's the larger bags. Go to this site and you can get the link;

Monday, September 1, 2014

Looking For Your Soul Mate-Online?

We all want to have love and happiness, but there are many people who have neither. Have you tried online dating? Not sure if it can work? Scared? Well, it seems to be the norm today, and there are people finding love online.

I wrote a post about finding your soul mate online.

Feeling achy, swollen, Must Be Muscle Pain.

Are you feeling achy, and swollen? Could very well be muscle pain. Viruses, infections, and bacteria can attack the body and cause some of these symptoms.

When the body is attacked, the white blood cells multiplying up to 5 times to fight the infection.

I just wrote a post on what causes muscle pain